The World is a rose

The World is A Rose

The Rose Garden is a culture that promotes the cultivation of self-beauty and embracing ourselves in a World that is so occupied in molding us into something we are not. We celebrate the general awareness of recognizing our flaws and embracing them to realize our true complexity, beauty, and capability.

 The Rose culture is made to inspire everyone to see the beauty in the natural world. It is a romantic way to live. We advocate, for all people, to have a lie vie un rose approach to life. 

 No matter what culture, country, language, creed, color or religion. TRG embraces the unity of all mankind to understand although it has many imperfections. 


The World is a Rose


Did you hear about the ROSE that grew in the concrete?
— Tupac Amaru Shakur
"Editing is like pruning the ROSE bush you thought was so perfect and beautiful until it overgrew the garden" - Larry Enright

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The World is a Rose